"This was the first CTF we were participating in and were very excited for having gotten selected for the onsite round. We were truly delighted by the warm welcome Amrita University offered us . We were fortunate enough to listen to the talks by some of the most eminent people in Computer Science like Bob Kahn, Herbert Bos etc. We felt the thrill of playing in a attack-defense CTF for the first time when we were allowed to practice, a day before the actual CTF started. This was a very informative session and all the necessary instructions were conveyed. The actual CTF kick started the very next day and it was exciting from the beginning till the end. We managed to overcome the initial few challenges and had few difficulties hosting services. We were never in the race for a top 3 finish nevertheless we found playing in it an absolute thrill. All in all, it was a perfectly organized competition. The efforts put in by the organizers was of the highest quality. There were a lot of takeaways for me from this competition which led my interest in security reach greater heights and for this, I will always be indebted to you Amrita University."

-- Abhay Chennagiri, Bytelandians

"This CTF is meant just for learning and getting more good teams from India into world finals in CTF contest."

-- Yogeesh, r00t

"InCTF provides great learning curve for someone who is stepping into cyber security. Learn, Stimulate, Exploit that’s the way I like to define InCTF."

-- Mithun, csmaniacs

"Coming into InCTF 2012, we were quite inexperienced with the field of Computer Security as a whole, let alone CTFs. But the great variety and quality of questions as well as the friendly and helpful nature of the organizers, really made the event a great learning and fun experience! I got so interested in Computer Security that I ended up taking 3 courses in Security in my final year of college and even now keep an eye out for various news on the groundbreaking security concepts. InCTF is a great platform for beginners and is a must-experience in your college life.

-- Varrun Agrawal, SVNIT

"Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the organizers for conducting such an excellent contest every year. I was a part of team ‘Virat’ participated in sCTF 2012 conducted as a part of International Conference on Cyber Security hosted by Amrita University. The nature of contest is such that it motivates us to learn and move ahead. The first round which is the learning round gives the basics required to get started with the whole process. I have had great time playing CTF’s where you attack others and defend your services. Also, working in a team and sharing responsibilities was an awesome experience. I wish more students benefit from this contest and let the awareness of cyber security spread in India."

-- Sowmya, Virat

"InCTF is a great initiative by Amrita University’s Centre for Cyber Security Systems and Networks, Amritapuri. The unique model that InCTF follows, helped our team, BitHaXorZ, learn security from the basics. Though we had experience of participating in few other international CTFs before InCTF, a lot of learning took place during InCTF days, especially during Round 1.

Round 2 was amazing. Playing against students from all around the country, great challenges, the tense moments, the irc chats; it was a different experience altogether :)

But the best part was round 3 - free entry to SecurIT, an international conference with the on-site face-to-face wargame with all participants against whom we played in round 2 and lots of learning!! We enjoyed every moment of those 2 days we spent there at Amritapuri!!!

InCTF is a great platform for people who are new to security with all the resource and support that the organizers provide, it gets easy for the participants. I would definitely recommend all my juniors, who wish to build up their career in security, to participate in all possible editions of InCTF. :)

Cheers to the InCTF team for the amazing challenges you gave us. You guys Rock \m/ "

-- Ajith, BitHaXorZ

"InCTF is a great stage for any interested wanna-be-hacker to start off. InCTF basically sets the stage for interested hackers in three different rounds! The first round is scripted brilliantly, so that even the newest of students can start to learn about hacking! The second round, a jeopardy style round, teaches all students about how they can develop skills in a short time, google-ing and reading! The experience gained in this round in valuable not only for other CTFs, but also familiarizes us with the various bugs in real time! The third round, and by far the most fun round, is a on-site hacking competition. Where hackers hack and pwn services hosted on LAN! It gives us invaluable experience of Offensive as well as Defensive Security.

InCTF set the stage as a hacker for me! And I shall always be grateful to Team InCTF for this!"

-- Tanoy Bose