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About Amrita InCTF

InCTF is a national level talent hunt for students with aptitude in cybersecurity. It is designed to identify fresh talent from across India in the area of cybersecurity.

Amrita InCTF has a well-defined syllabus, training materials, and support given to the students. Unlike other such security contests, InCTF lasts for 4 months and only the most motivated students reach the finals. The final round has three days of on-site training followed by an attack-defense style CTF.

Hence Amrita InCTF is the perfect recruiting platform for fresh talent in cybersecurity who can be productive on the job in a very short period.

Currently, InCTF is in its 10th edition and so far we have reached out to 15000+ students across 23 states.

In order to encourage more women to venture into cybersecurity, we also give a special prize to the top women-only team from India.


CTF stands for Capture the Flag - a gamified way to learn critical cybersecurity skills.

InCTF '10 was India's first cybersecurity contest for university students.

Conducted by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and team bi0s.


InCTF 2019 will be the 10th edition. Through this program over 15,000 students have been trained across India.

Top 200 students will be fully sponsored through onsite hands-on training by experts followed by onsite contest.


InCTF 2019 - 10th Edition This year we are adding new domains that the participants can test and grow their skills in - Penetration Testing and Hardware CTF. We are also launching an InCTFw, a contest to encourage women's team to join the cybersecurity space. We are giving away special prizes along with our regular prizes to InCTFw.


InCTF provides an opportunity to access to the top talent across India for recruitment.InCTF is an effective means to get your brand name to the college students and cybersecurity professionals across India. The students who participate are self-motivated and self-learners. They spend a lot of time outside their class hours to learn and compete.

Benefits of Sponsoring

Recruit cybersecurity professionals

Recruit motivated and skilled students across India who can be productive at work in shorter duration of time.

Help develop a pool of students who are skilled in cybersecurity.

Improve brand visibility among student community.

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